"Charge-UP" your business every weekday morning!

The key to success in "relationship marketing" is a simple, duplicable system
PLUS a fun, inspirational support team helps alot!

ChargeUp w/Trish & Alan Tune in every weekday morning (except major holidays) for ~20 minutes of practical learning & inspiration from your amazing team. Be part of the synergy! Catch the wave!

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Why ChargeUpCall?
Power of ChargeUpCall
Your co-host Trish Schwenkler Your co-host Alan Noble
Trish Schwenkler, dynamic, intuitive network marketing leader. Founding Diamond & Leadership Council
email Trish
Alan Noble, Teacher & Communicator extraordinaire, Founding Diamond & Leadership Council email Alan
  • Time: weekdays at 8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST, 11am EST
  • Call In: 712-432-0075, code 635808#
  • The System- Give Yourself A-L I F T each weekday! The ChargeUp call is designed to inspire and educate your associates --complete with updates, announcements, recognition, FUN, friendship, Q&A. :
    • Monday: Attitude: Attitude is everthing!
    • Tuesday......List: Learn how to make an ongoing LIST of people to introduce our product to
    • Wednesday: Invite:- Invite & use a Tool to educate about our product/company
    • Thursday.... Followup:- Collect a Decision
    • Friday........ Teach: Teach your organization to duplicate
LIFT off

Big waves are powerful: we have to swim with all our strength to catch them! Let's all catch the wave together!

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If you have an A-LIFT success story or product story, pls e-mail trish. YOUR success is OUR success!

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